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Suggested Topics

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People prepare topics, but sessions are usually decided on the day and will be limited to 5 minute semi-presentation/demonstrations,  followed by an open and free-flowing conversation.  And then move on to the next topic. 

On the morning of the event topics decided through the wiki will be posted on A4 sheets on a notice board and other topics may be added. Thus we will have made the agenda.


Some Suggested Topics

How many ways can libraries use social networking services?

The mobile library – from our desks to our pockets

The paperless campus - are e-reader devices ready for us?

The green library

Next generation opacs

Ten best new things for the next library

How to create a culture of experimentation and not be afraid to fail. (added by  Tom Sanville, 12 October)

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at 4:53 pm on Oct 8, 2009

Tell us what you thinks and please make other suggeestions.

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